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Artful Lessons
Visual Art and Pottery Classes
Ages 4- Adult

Pottery Workshop

"Jenn is such an amazing teacher- my daughters love her classes and hope to continue in the new year!"

- Rachel, Parent 

Ann Arbor, Michigan


"Jenn has been working with my 13 yo daughter to create a family portrait. They are working each week step-by-step and she is learning all the proper techniques. My daughter is having a lot of fun and learning at the same time. They work outside and I feel like it is completely safe. I highly recommend Jenn!"

— Sarah, Parent

Ann Arbor, Michigan


I’m a certified Art Teacher offering personalized lessons and instruction to students in the Ann Arbor area. I’ve been teaching people of all ages and experience levels since 2006 and love what I do.

I believe that arts integration as a way of life. Which is why I love exploring the world through the lens of visual arts and observation. Since starting as a K -12 licensed art teacher in 2006, I’ve been introducing students to see the world through observant and aesthetically sensitive eyes. I facilitate creative thinking and challenge students to discuss content through articulate discussions that span across content areas. I love exploring a multitude of media from drawing and painting to up-cycled sculpture and clay. I believe that the process of making is as important as the final product.

My goal is to teach students through authentic hands on experiences, while also making sure they have fun in a pressure-free, judgement-free environment. Whether you’re an experienced artist who would like some guidance or just starting out, I will come to your home and work around your schedule in order to meet the needs of you and or your family.

Please contact me today to inquire about current class schedules. 

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"I was able to explore the world of creativity and most importantly, learn to find the perfection in imperfection. Her teaching style is eloquent, fun, and passionate. It grips you in a way that allows you to truly understand the content while staying exciting and interested. She inspires students to find their creativity and passion in self expression, while teaching the importance of what they are doing and the history behind it. She is very knowledgeable and has demonstrated that she is well accomplished in teaching all ages, proving true talent and instruction in the arts."

Bianca M. Grade 10

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