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Jennifer Cooper

Artist and Educator



K-12 Art Teacher and Professional Artist


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs: Masters in Curriculum and Instruction /Certificate in technology (June 2014)


Alfred University, Alfred NY: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor in Education (Dec 2006)



Michigan State Education Certificate: k-12 visual art and CTE

Colorado State Education Certificate: k-12 Visual art and CTE



Denver Public Schools Distinguished Teacher Rating (2012-2016)

Denver Public Schools Excellence in Team (2015)

Creation of Visual Arts District Wide Art showcase (2012)

Awarded Best Project Concept Design at Denver Public Schools Citywide Art show (2010)

Related Work Experience 

Teaching Services, Pearson Virtual Schools : Art Teacher 

(December 2018 - Present)

  • Teach digital photography on virtual platform

  • Grade and assess students on a daily basis

  • Communicate with students and coaches on a daily basis

  • Follow specified Pearson curriculum

  • Create Live Lessons Online to further student learning and engagement

  • Log student, coach and family contacts

  • Communicate with staff and collaborate for student success


Craft for Community, Denver CO / El Transito, Nicaragua: Program Manager

(June 2017 - Present)

  • Co- founder and owner

  • Director of programming

  • Facilitate community beautification and engagement

  • Create and implement project-based learning and service learning experiences

  • Recruitment of visiting groups

  • Grant writing and request for proposal execution and follow through

  • Analysis of budgets and spending

  • Hiring of all staff and evaluation of staff

  • Community outreach and project follow through for all projects

  • Networking and representation for community projects

  • Web design

  • SEO and social media marketing

  • Public relations with all staff and guests

  • Manage staff of 11

  • Create meaningful and lasting projects for community and guest enrichment


JLC Pottery, Denver CO: Owner and Artist

(August 2009 - Present)

  • Create custom Art pieces

  • Manage and sell artwork in stores and markets in person and online

  • Create and manage website

  • SEO and virtual communication for custom orders and shipping


North Middle School, Aurora CO: Art Teacher

(July 2018 - July 2019)

  • Teach 6-8 grade visual arts classes with emphasis on post-secondary skills and creative problem solving through blended online learning

  • Grant writing and curriculum design

  • Assessment design and cross curricular assessment editing

  • Creation of deliverables to staff via online portal and hard copy

  • Data driven instruction and common core infused lesson planning

  • School wide art installation projects with outside visiting artists

  • Support students with parent meetings communications

  • Differentiate lessons for all student needs

  • Create a bilingual flipped classroom through personal website

  • Use of technology in all lessons

  • Use of consistent data cycle using research, create and reflect pedagogy

  • Create school wide displays of learning and standards-based curricula

  • Multi-platform online competencies


Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, Denver CO: Art and CTE teacher

(August 2009 - June 2017)

  • Manage and Mentor student teachers with Metro University Denver and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

  • Teach K-12 visual arts classes with emphasis on post-secondary skills and interdisciplinary curriculum through blended learning

  • Founder of the 3D visual arts department

  • Analyze and edit assessments and curricula through content areas

  • Assessment design and cross curricular assessment editing

  • Creation of deliverables to staff via online portal and hard copy

  • Grant writing and follow through

  • Creator of CTE curriculum

  • Yearly Completion of Perkins grant for CTE funding

  • Leader in school wide arts infusion and create professional development for arts integration and technology

  • CTE and visual arts team leader

  • Leader of blended learning practices and technology-based teaching with focus on data driven instruction thought multiple platforms

  • Data driven instruction and common core infused interdisciplinary instruction and evaluation 

  • Collaborate with all teachers to create lessons that support core curriculum

  • Resource person for arts planning and classroom integration

  • Support students with parent meetings and phone calls

  • Participate in team meetings and data collaboration with administrators, teachers and parents

  • Create and implement after school clubs and activities to engage the community

  • Differentiate and scaffold lessons for all students’ needs


Dong Pyeong Middle School, Busan, South Korea; Director of ESL Curriculum

(August 2008- August 2009)

  • Teach ESL to 700 students age 12-15

  • Create and implement yearlong curriculum that meets district wide goals and standards

  • Incorporate cross-curricular activities and games

  • Volunteer to create an English Club

  • Work with faculty members to create collaborative projects and lessons

  • Participate in school wide meetings and extra-curricular activities

  • Create and document curriculum that will be continued for years to come


Busan National University of Education, Busan, South Korea; Visiting Artist-Instructor

(October 2008- August 2009)

  • Teach 25 adults techniques and applications for functional ceramics

  • Create work to show as example for lessons

  • Teach and improve upon glazing techniques and formulas

  • Manage firing, glaze and clay body formulation as well as studio maintenance


Josephinum Academy, Chicago IL: Director of Visual Arts

(August 2007 – June 2008)

  • Creation and implementation of department goals and standards

  • Creation of visual arts curriculum and department wide rubrics

  • Classroom management of grades 6-12

  • Form relationship with community venues to exhibit student work

  • School beautification

  • Volunteer art club and mentor for students outside of class

  • Curriculum mapping and collaboration with fellow staff members

  • Facilitate donations from community for student supplies

  • Participation in fundraisers and school development

  • Develop lesson plans for a wide range of talents and experience levels

  • Communication of student development with parents


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